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There are many parts to search engine optimization (SEO): from the actual content on your site, to the meta and title tags put in place, to the links pointing to your site from around the web. All are relevant, and all are used as rankings factors by Google, Bing & Yahoo to determine your authority on certain subjects. As always, it’s best to keep up with Google’s best practices, so your website doesn’t get penalized and fall from the rankings. I have been mastering the art of SEO for quite some time now, and have a very strong understanding of what it takes to succeed. I have also been certified in Google Analytics since October 2013, and have a strong belief in transparent and thorough reporting. You see what I see, and everything is reported on, from traffic sources, to audience behavior, to top landing pages and bounce rates. It all matters, and is all relevant when determining and implementing a marketing strategy for your website.

Content Is King

Without high-quality content, you have nothing. No matter how well you do with your other aspects of SEO and marketing, you will certainly fail with thin content. But what is “high-quality content”? You need to have engaging content that resonates with your audience, while also being authoritative on the subject. You also need to have the “right amount” of content. Two hundred words won’t be enough, but two thousand words can be over-kill. You need to find the right balance, and I can help you out with that.

Proper Mark-Up

Your number one concern should be having the right content in place. After you have achieved that, that next thing you will need to do is properly add title tags, heading tags, meta descriptions, internal linking, and schemas to all pages of your site. Doing so correctly will give you the greatest chance of succeeding. But spammy tactics can get you penalized, so it’s important to do it right. It’s always best to leave the “technical” SEO to a professional.

Link Building & Local Presence

Building a presence around the web is paramount to your success. How else will your customers find you? Building a hyper-local presence is even more important. Creating local profiles and directories in your niche market is how to accomplish this task. This is done best by scouring the web for high-traffic sites with high citation and trust flows, while having a low spam score. Not only will these newly created profiles/directories drive traffic to your site, (if done properly) they can even give your own website a boost in rankings because of their authority. But beware – this is a slippery slope, as search engines like Google & Bing monitor this very closely. If you are building too many links, irrelevant links, or don’t have a good link diversity, search engines will interpret that as spam, and your website will actually be hit with a penalty, and thus dropped from their rankings. That’s why it’s best to leave link building & citations to a professional.

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